Moscow to Saint Petersburg

Posted: June 23, 2014 in Costs, Travel

Moscow -> Saint Petersburg
Cost: S$77
Time spent travelling: 8.5 hours

As the sun sets on Moscow, I embark on my last leg of this journey. Late sunsets and cloudy skies create spectacular sunsets!



An overnight train later, I’m in St Petersburg! The locals would call it petersburg in short. As the biggest western most city of Russia, the city is influenced by the Europeans. Finnish flags are prominent and Sweden’s Ikea is the leading company for furniture sales in the area. Architecture has a stronger European flavor than Moscow.






I have always thought that travelling in Russia would be tough and it certainly didn’t disappoint me. From the metro to the language, the country threw hurdles after hurdles at me. I got lost in the metro, got hustled by the locals and simply felt tired from the constant lack of familiarity that I can find in other cities.

I’m glad that this was my last country, a country that tested my boundaries (trust me, it’s way easier to travel in North Korea) way beyond what I can imagine. Unsurprisingly, Russia turned out to be the only place where I got my stuff stolen.

At the edges of Europe, I’m glad to say that the journey has come to an end!


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