Yekaterinburg to Moscow

Posted: June 15, 2014 in Costs, Travel

Yekaterinburg -> Moscow
Cost: S$107
Time spent travelling: 27.5 hours

Train rides are starting to get monotonous after a while. The view isn’t as great as what they picture on posters and adverts. You don’t get to see mountainous views to die for, or take postcard pictures out of trains. I’m sure the places the trains go pass looks great from the outside, but the inside of the train would really get on your nerve after a few days.

Taking the train at one of the less touristy towns along the trans-Siberian is challenging. Try deciphering the following!


Language was a constant issue and it didn’t get any better in Moscow. The young may have studied English in school for years and are pretty proficient, but be prepared to get dirty stares from the elders when you say that you do not understand Russian.

Upon arrival, I realised that there are more than 1 stations in the same area. They have totally different names and most of them serve other cities as well. It is that big!


Metro stations are not any better, with multiple stations in the same area on different lines. In Singapore, you change from the red to green line at the same station but in Moscow, the stations are different at different coloured lines, even though they are in the same area and you do not need to leave the stations. Try adding everything in Russian and you get one hell of a metro ride.


Sights are aplenty in Moscow, home of the red square, kremlin, st basil’s church and a few others. Sightseeing is a must in Moscow!












And of course, do visit the Moscow circus if you have the chance too!






I had 5 days in Moscow, so I could even catch a movie in English! It’s rare to find theaters that shows movies in English. Most American blockbusters are dubbed over in Russian and although it’s not the original voice, the voice actors are pretty darn good for some movies.



Given a chance to go to Moscow again, I would choose to have a skate scooter as my main mode of transport in the region. Most sights are within walking distance (less than an hour) but when you add a few places together, you will end up with countless hours of walking.

Nonetheless, I fulfilled my childhood dream of visiting Moscow!


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