Ulan Bator to Irkutsk

Posted: June 4, 2014 in Costs, Travel

Ulan Bator -> Irkutsk
Cost: S$119
Time spent travelling: 34 hours

And so the Siberian portion of the trans-Siberian begins! Unlike most of my trip, a visa is required for entry into the country.

Before stepping into Russia, a (tedious) visa must be obtained. Unlike most other visas, an invitation from a hotel or agency must be given to you before an application can be made. You would need to provide details like cities that you would visit and the duration of stay. Once that is completed, you can finally apply for a visa. Hence, the entire process requires you to plan out the trip before going. It is rare that people travels to a city in Russia without knowing how long they would stay there for. Once in the city, you are required to register with the hostel and state the number of days you will be staying there for. Yes, it is that tedious if you wanna stay safe.

The train from Ulan Bator to Irkutsk does not have a restaurant on board, unlike most other trans-Siberian trains.


The cabins are typical 4 people per cabin and power plugs are usually located along the corridor.



I was lucky to travel with an English speaking group and could steal a photo of the train’s plan for the crossing. Hur hur.


There were frequent stops along the way and the longest ones are usually at the border towns where carriages are being rearranged.





The city of Irkutsk is known as the border town of Russia that is located along the trans-Siberian route, as well as the main city beside lake Bikal.





Apparently the Russians do not issue parking tickets in the no parking zone. They simple take your car…



I didn’t manage to catch lake Bikal (which is an excuse to come back again) this time round, but nonetheless managed to catch a good sunset!



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